The waterproof kimono

Waterproof Kimono

Waterproof Kimono - Kimono, long and elegant

Worn over a kimono, or an evening dress for elegance on a rainy day. 

Polyester 60%, nylon 40%. Available in 3 sizes: S, M, L. Provided with a case of the same color.


Sizes of waterproof kimonos
Size length half-span width of the sleeves
S 122 cm 64,4 cm 47,4 cm
M 130 cm 67 cm 47,4 cm
L 138 cm 59 cm 47,4 cm

        Pink                 Lavender               Black                  Beige                     Violet                Green

List of the products

Raincoat Kimono
Raincoat Kimono
15 000,00¥