Category Z - low cost products


USB mini fan


Reference MV USB

This item is not sold separately, it must be purchased with a item of another category.

 Adjustable in all directions thanks to its flexible metallic cable. It takes up little space, so it is easy to store in a bag, suitcase or drawer. The blades, made ​​of soft plastic, do not hurt when touched (they stop spinning at the slightest obstacle) and are unbreakable. 

With no on / off switch it turns on when it is connected. On the other hand, according to the orientation it needs a support. 
Dimensions: 30 cm (total length from the USB output) 
Weight including packing: 66 g (47 g without the packing) 
2 blades, blade length (from the rotor): 40 mm, width of blade: 37 mm 
Two body colors: pink, white (not available)