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EMS shipping to USA is back to normal

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, shipping by EMS (Express mail service) and registered mail is temporarily interrupted between Japan and certain countries such as Australia. For these countries, the shipping of orders can nevertheless be carried out by the economic postal service without tracking. This type of shipment is not insured, we decline all responsibility in the event of loss or theft of the package. We are sorry and hope that the health situation can return to normal as soon as possible.

Our articles are all from Japan. Some were made in Japan, others subcontracted in other Asian countries. Articles reported being made in Japan are authentically "Made in Japan" (日本製). The other items are also made for Japanese customers according to Japanese quality criteria.


All items come from Japan, some of one are subcontracted by other Asian countries, like China, but for Japanese companies and Japanese customers, so according to Japanese criteria, that is to say according to the guidelines and requirements of Japanese distributors and Japanese customers. What differentiates some of yukata sold in others countries, which does not come from Japan and whose garish colors do not match the criteria of the Japanese elegance.

Some models or patterns are available only in a single copy, especially for nemakis.

We minimized our margin on each product to offer you the best price. And as we are always looking for the cheapest retailers for the same manufacturers, we review from time to time the prices down.

Rates are calculated mentioned in yen and therefore does not vary, while the dollar and euro prices are based on the exchange rate at the time of purchase. You can pay in the currency that suits you.

For your birthday and year-end gifts

All items are not yet online.

You will find many items with a fairly wide choice in each category. Kimono, yukata, obi, geta, furoshiki, etc. ...

For any special requests please contact us.

Yukata and Nemakis from 3400 yens (about 5000 yens [US$ 72] with shipping). Furoshiki at 4300 yens. Shipping costs based on the weight of the items. Nemaki for example, the shipping by EMS (express) is about 2600 yens. (between 20 and 22 euros depending on the rate of the euro against the yen, currently very variable)

Sending by EMS (Express between 4 and 6 days).