The jinbei, ideal for hot summers


Jinbei - Jinbei, summer clothing, light, airy, ideal for the garden.

 Jinbei are usually worn as a form of nightwear or house wear. Normally, male Japanese would wear jinbei only within their own homes, or outside the home when in close proximity to it (for example, to collect the mail or while shopping or dining at a local restaurant). Sometimes jinbei are used as substitute for yukata during a summer festival, typically by men and boys but also by young women.

Japanese jimbe

Jinbei sets consist of a top and matching shorts. Traditional jinbei are made from hemp or cotton and are dyed a uniform color, often indigo, blue or green. The top resembles a short-sleeved or sleeveless jacket that falls to the hips. It ties closed both inside and outside the jacket, with the inside tied first, the jacket folded over to the person's left, and then tying the outside.

The seam for jinbei is very loosely woven to allow for ventilation during hot weather while retaining coverage.

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